Arrival: You will have to pay $20 per car upon entry into Yosemite. Wawona is 4 miles from the South entrance of the Park. A detailed map of the Wawona area can be found [HERE]. Addresses are listed for all houses if you would like to use GPS assistance.


Telephone access: Cell phones work spottily. The Verizon network has the best coverage. Most of the houses have telephones and numbers are listed below.


Internet access: I believe Livingstone and Joyce have wireless access although I have not tested it. The password is the house’s telephone number. The public library has internet access but I am not sure about wireless. The SNRI station office also has wireless access but I don’t have full details on that yet.


Meals: Catering will be available for all starting at noon on Saturday and will include lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.


You will need to make your own arrangements for dinner on Friday if you are arriving that day. You can find many restaurants in Oakhurst, which is 30 minutes from the South entrance of the Park. There is also a convenience store and a small supermarket in Wawona. All houses have fully equipped kitchens in case you want to bring some of your own food.


We will place breakfast food at the Livingstone house kitchen for those interested in meeting everyone early while having a bite to eat. This will include a simple breakfast of milk, cereal, bagels, coffee, etc…


We cannot buy alcohol from university funds so you may want to bring something to drink if you are so inclined!


Bedding: You will need to bring your own bedding. Please plan accordingly. If you cannot, please let me know and I will try to set something up with the station manager.


Saturday optional activities: Joel Sachs will lead an informak birding walk starting at 6 am from Livingstone house. I will be sending additional information regarding other options soon.


Dorm addresses and phone numbers:


Joyce: 2639 W. Bruce. Telephone 209-375-6307

Dull: 2618 Bruce. Telephone: 209-375-6345

Livingstone: 2644 English Lane. Telephone: 209-375-6520

River Rd: 2587 River Road.

Landsneas (Director’s residence): 2667 English Lane. Telephone: 209-375-9937