·       Title

·       Authors

·       Stage of Progress

·       Action items needed



1.      Evolutionary erosion of symbiotic function in Bradyrhizobium japonicum

·       Sachs, Russell, Hollowell

·       Accepted PLoS One 25 Sept, 2011

·       Finish production of figures, final details  WILL BE PUBLISHED NOV 2


2.      Evolutionary origins and stability of Proteobacterial mutualisms

·       Skophammer, Stajich, Bansal, Sachs

·       Completion of analysis by Skophammer, Stajich

·       Skophammer and Sachs completes writing (Submit fall 2011)


3.      Origins and evolution of Type-three Secretion Systems across Proteobacteria

·       Skophammer, Fronk, Hollowell, Sachs

·       Completion of analysis by Fronk

·       Skophammer and Sachs write (Submit fall/winter 2011)


4.      ‘Nodule Biogeography’

·       Hollowell, Regus, Bernardo, Pham, Sachs

·       Completion of sequencing needed (Its,recA, glnII, NodDA, NifD of L. Strigosus nodules from 2005, 2009, 2011 collections // Creation of database with GPS locations needed // haplotype abundance (Its, recA, glnII), symbiosis island haplotypes (NodDA, NifD; null).

·       Hollowell, Bernardo, Pham will complete sequencing; Hollowell, Regus will finalize hypotheses to be tested and analyze data. (Submit Spring 2012).


5.      ‘Nodule Histology’

·       Regus, O’Neill, DeMason, Suzuki, Sachs

·       Regus, O’Neill finalize slide preparation and photography

·       Regus, O’Neill finalize hypotheses to be tested, analyses, write paper (Submit Spring 2012)


6.      Nitrogen supplementation and the maintenance of legume host control (‘Nitrogen addition experiment’)

·       Regus, Sachs

·       Regus will design experiment // Regus & Gleason will set up inoculation experiments in fall 2011/ Harvest in late 2011

·       Regus will set up experiment, analyze data, write paper (Submit mid-2012)


7.      Nitrogen supplementation and the emergence of rhizobial parasitism (‘Nitrogen growth curve’)

·       Regus, Sachs

·       Regus will experiment // Regus & Gleason will set up inoculation experiments in late fall 2011/ Harvest in 2012

·       Regus will set up experiment, analyze data, write paper (Submit mid-2012)


8.      Host control versus symbiont exploitation in the legume-rhizobium interaction - Review

·       Regus, Sachs

·       Regus is lead author on review of host control mechanisms in legumes and their effectiveness at contraining rhizobial exploitation

·       Regus will write outline // gather meta-data // write paper (Submit Late-2012)


9.      Repeated evolutionary loss of symbiosis loci in Bradyrhizobium

·       Hollowell, Bernardo, Pham Sachs

·       3 locus phylogenetic analysis must be completed with 2 sym loci mapped on to tree

·       Hollowell will complete Phylogeny of all Los2005 strains, perform Nif/Nod/16s blots on all haplotype groups, analyze data, write paper


10.    The evolution of resistance and toxicity in wild Bradyrhizobium populations

·       Hollowell, Gleason, Sachs

·       Hollowell will create hapolotype-grouped phylogeny from 75 inoc strains, will choose separate haplotype strains for analysis, will test all hapolotypes against ~10 diverse antibiotics, will create a matrix of strain interactions to examine toxin production

·       Holowell and Gleason will perform assays, Hollowell will analyze data and write paper


11.    Host control over Host control over Bradyrhiobium in root biofilm populations

·       Bantay, Bernardo, Pham, Sachs

·       Bantay, Bernardo and Pham will complete sequencing of LoS from all 2009 isolates (GlnII, RecA, Its, NifD, NodD-A)

·       Bantay will analyze data with Sachs, Bantay and Sachs will write paper


12.    Phylogenomic analysis of origins and loss of symbiosis in Bradyrhizobium

·       Stajich, Bantay, Sachs

·       Sachs will isolate genomic DNA, Bantay will vet strains, organize library creation wil Stajich, assemble/analyze sequences

·       Stajich and Sachs will assist in data analysis, Sachs and Stajich will write paper